Who We Are

QualiBasic Seed Company (QBS) produces and supplies quality Foundation Seed to seed companies in East and Southern Africa.

The company is headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya with subsidiaries in Zambia and South Africa.

Achieving high-quality standards such as genetic purity and good germination, over several production cycles, is both a painstaking and expensive process.

QBS achieves this by leveraging economies of scale to support significant investment in production and quality management thereby ensuring timely supply of Foundation Seed to customers.

The company endeavors to supply foundation seed of the highest quality, priced according to the value addition to the client’s business but representing a level of affordability that enhances the availability of certified seed to farmers.

We solve problems and mitigate risk for our clients helping them manage the inherent risk of producing foundation seed that significantly improves the output of their certified seed.

We ensure that our clients will not only reliably meet their certified seed requirement, but also guarantee improved quality and productivity by supplying foundation seed of the highest quality possible.


To produce and supply Foundation Seed of the highest quality and purity to seed companies in East and Southern Africa.


To become the reference for trusted Quality Foundation Seed supply in Africa.

Core Values

Trust: We trust each other to do the right thing and we build trust with our customers.
Integrity: We act with integrity in everything that we do and we take great care with the genetic integrity of all our plant lines.
Quality: We deliver quality; our people, products and interactions are simply the best.


QualiBasic Seed Company operates along commercial lines ensuring reliable quality production of foundation seed. We serve various seed companies by creating a vital link with the public and private research product pipelines. We are a team of seasoned professionals using state of the art processing and seed storage facilities.

Where we work

We have our headquarters in Nairobi, Kenya and subsidiaries in Zambia and South Africa.



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