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Dr. Mick Sikaenyi Mwala

Board Member

Mick Mwala, an agricultural scientist, educator and businessman, holds a PhD and MSc in Agronomy and a bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Sciences. He is currently the CEO of the Agricultural Technology Demonstration Centre, in Lusaka, part of the University of Zambia (UNZA) where he is responsible for the overall oversight of the centre to plan, coordinate and exercise general superintendence over the academic, research, business and administrative functions. In the past he has been Dean of the School of Agricultural Sciences, Acting Deputy Vice Chancellor and the head of the Crop Sciences at UNZA. As chairperson of Professional Boards hosted by the School of Agricultural Sciences (NRDC and ZCA), Mick was responsible for overseeing quality assurance in the academic programmes at the affiliated institutions. At the start of his career in the 1980s he was a principal research officer and a sunflower breeder. Mick has published over 30 papers in scientific and refereed journals as well as many conference proceedings. He has over four decades contributed significantly to the development of agricultural sciences in Africa through his work at the University of Zambia, in various regional technical teams and projects as well as serving on several commercial and not-for-profit boards. Mick is a family man he enjoys swimming, playing golf and reading.