Why Seed Matters

The value of improved Hybrid seed is well understood by many growers but what makes a good hybrid? In real estate, the value of property comes from location, location, location. With Hybrid seed it’s purity, purity, purity.

Genetic purity and physical purity to be precise and that starts with high quality parent or foundation seed.

To produce a good quality certified Hybrid seed for the farmer, a seed company must use pure, uncontaminated, parent seed.
QBS produces the finest parent seed.

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Who We Are

QualiBasic Seed Company (QBS) was established with the main objective

being to produce and supply quality foundation Seed (basic seed) to seed

companies in East and Southern Africa, with the aim to be their preferred

supplier of Foundation Seed, to the ultimate benefit of Africa’s farmers…




Plan Production

We work with you to plan production and ensure delivery of high quality foundation seed to satisfy the needs of your certified seed production.




Jun 24


QBS is a commercial enterprise set up to produce foundation /parent seed to address the challenges faced by the seed...
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